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Many enterprises in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province have encountered adverse factors such as the appreciation of the RMB and the rise in the price of raw materials, which have overwhelmed export enterprises, and the ensuing international trade frictions have made enterprises even worse. It was learned from the city's economic and trade conference held yesterday afternoon that recently, the international trade frictions of key materials focused by the state have occurred frequently, and many enterprises in our city have been subject to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. Among them, Huajie steel pipe company participated in the Canadian steel pipe anti-dumping and countervailing cases, which were preliminarily ruled to impose anti-dumping duties; The anti-dumping and countervailing cases of toilet paper products initiated by Australia have also affected a number of key papermaking enterprises such as Zhongshun paper industry and triangle paper products in our city

anti dumping and countervailing investigations are commonly known as double anti investigations. They and safeguard measures are the three major trade remedy measures under the recent WTO rules. Among them, subsidies refer to the financial or financial preferential measures provided by a government or any public institution to domestic producers or exporters, including cash subsidies or other preferential policies, so that their products are in a favorable competitive position in the international market compared with similar products that do not enjoy subsidies

it is understood that on January 24, the Canadian government officially filed an anti-dumping and countervailing investigation on carbon steel welded pipes (i.e. standard pipes) originating or exported from China. The enterprises involved include Guangdong Huajie steel pipe industry Co., Ltd. and other six enterprises. On April 22, the Canadian border service made a preliminary determination of the case, and found that the dumping margin of Huajie steel pipe was 84%, the subsidy rate was 0.35%, and the total punitive tariff rate was 84.35%

subsequently, the Chinese enterprises involved actively responded to the lawsuit. On July 21, the Canadian Border Services Agency made a final ruling and found that the industry involved was not market-oriented. Among them, the dumping margin of four respondent enterprises was 97% - 110% of the high light silver and high light black non spraying materials developed by Jin min, and the subsidy was 25% - 37%; The punitive dumping margin of non respondent enterprises is 179%, and the amount of subsidies is 113%. Among them, the weighted average dumping margin of Huajie steel pipe is 106%, the weighted average subsidy rate is 25%, and the subsidy amount is 1130 yuan/ton. Chinese enterprises are dissatisfied with this. On August 21, the Canadian International Trade Court ruled that ordinary carbon welded pipes originating in or from China had dumping and subsidies, and had caused harm to Canadian steel mills. Therefore, the Canadian border service will impose countervailing and anti-dumping duties on China's carbon welded pipes

another double counter investigation came from Australia and targeted the toilet paper industry. On March 26 this year, the Australian Customs officially filed a joint anti-dumping and countervailing investigation on Chinese toilet paper, and sent a questionnaire to the Chinese government and the enterprises involved. This is the first time Australia has launched a double countervailing investigation on Chinese products. Australia has become the first country to launch a countervailing investigation on China in recognition of its market economy status. The deformation caused by the medium sample is basically uniform everywhere. We regret this

in order to do a good job in response, Zhongshan foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau organized 9 enterprises involved in the case and the special personnel responsible for fair trade outside the relevant towns and districts to hold a response coordination meeting on April 3. On July 28, the Australian Customs conducted a field review of the countervailing government investigation on the case of Chinese toilet paper exported to Australia in Suzhou. It is understood that the preliminary determination of this case will be made in the near future

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