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Emerson strengthens the function of Fisher digital valve positioner for intelligent safety instrument system

Emerson Process Management Company has announced the launch of its sil3 certified enhanced version, namely Fisher FIELDVUE dvc6000 digital positioner for safety instrument system (hereinafter referred to as SIS). This increase in performance helps to improve the reliability, flexibility and availability of emergency shutdown valve solutions. Emerson's digital intelligent SIS solution also triggered a heated discussion. The final ESD control system components are integrated by safety certified sensors and sil3 rated system

"safety is the main consideration of our process users. Emerson can fully meet these safety requirements through the intelligent safety instrument function (hereinafter referred to as SIF) circuit. The SIF circuit adopts dvc6000sis digital valve controller." Alfredlee, director of FIELDVUE and positioner instrumentation, Fisher Valve Division, Emerson Process Management, said, "the dvc6000sis instrument combines diagnosis and partial stroke diagnosis of SIS valves to ensure its availability when needed and prevent false strokes."

dvc6000sis instrument enhanced version includes manual restart, stored safety demand event log, knowing whether the pass status is normal after partial travel test, and third-party certification of sil3 and SIF circuits

safety demand events can be stored in the permanent memory of the microprocessor, and the data can be obtained at any time. This event log is very important for factory personnel and reliability engineers. It can also be used in (1) bio based thermoplastic high molecular materials: such as PLA, thermoplastic starch, fibers and composites; Properly understand the final component status before or after the trip or demand event to make a review

after completing the partial stroke test, dvc6000sis instrument will provide a state diagram with characteristic curve to illustrate whether the state is normal. It will also provide additional diagnostics for viscous motion, shaft integrity, and maximizing and minimizing torque

the dvc6000sis digital positioner can control operation by inputting VDC, Ma or Ma signals. This instrument has been verified by a third party: it conforms to IEC61508 standard and is applicable to sil3 and SIF circuits. This instrument is also suitable for stainless steel structure in severe marine environment, and for some severe working conditions with remote installation function and extreme temperature function

Emerson intelligent SIS security management solution is an extension of its PlantWeb digital factory structure. It provides a complete solution for the entire safety loop from the transmitter to the logic controller to the final control element. Emerson SIS solutions enable users to enable devices more safely, improve device availability, reduce life cycle costs, and facilitate device adjustment

the composition of intelligent SIS system includes the experimental equipment that has been applied to different pipes by Rosemount and micromotion, which also reflects the differential certification of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council that there will be a certain difference in adhering to the two unwavering principles, and has been proved by practice, that is, deltavsis system, as well as the final control solution of sil-pac equipped with fieldvuedvc6000 SIS positioner, and the intelligent equipment management system in AMS equipment management combination

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