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Emerson won the contract to provide PlantWeb digital factory control for Xcel Energy's new unit 3

China industrial control's ability to deal with trade protectionism and enhance industrial control information Emerson won the contract to provide PlantWeb digital factory control for Xcel Energy's new unit 3

the new coal-fired unit is expected to become the largest example of Applied Digital Fieldbus Technology in North American power plants

Pittsburgh (November 28, 2006) - Emerson Process Control Co., Ltd. today announced that the company has won a contract to install PlantWeb digital plant control consisting of ovation expert control system for unit 3 of the newly built Comanche power station of xcelenergy. The owner of the contract is shawstone websterinc., a branch of shawgroup (nyse:sgr), Emerson is the supplier of the engineering control system. The new project is expected to become the largest application model of digital Fieldbus Technology in North American power plants. This digital fieldbus technology has been proved by many industries that it can significantly save engineering costs and bring sustained operational savings

the newly-built 750mW supercritical power plant is xcelenergy's first coal-fired power plant in nearly 30 years - the power plant will use new clean coal technology to increase the steam temperature and pressure during power generation, thereby improving power generation efficiency and reducing fuel related exhaust emissions. After the power plant is expected to be put into commercial operation in 2009, Comanche's unit 3 will provide power generation, which will help xcelenergy meet the growing power demand in the region. Xcelenergy, headquartered in Minneapolis, is the fourth largest United natural gas and power company in the United States. They provide energy related products and services to 3.2 million power users and 1.8 million natural gas users. The company has operation and management branches in 8 states in the West and Midwest of the United States

Emerson's PlantWeb digital plant management and control utilizes high-speed information networks, intelligent field devices, asset management software and Fieldbus i/o technology to help power producers control important production processes, improve power plant power generation efficiency and increase power generation, while saving operating and maintenance costs for a long time. For new power plants, PlantWeb will bring unexpected benefits to power suppliers: by reducing cable costs, simplifying equipment installation, asset optimization and equipment preventive maintenance, this digital fieldbus based technology will help to improve the startup speed of units and reduce installation, commissioning and startup costs

the comanche3 unit fieldbus control solution, which will be designed and installed by Emerson, whose fixture and test fixture are not necessarily hydraulic, consists of three parts: PlantWeb digital factory control, ovation expert control system and AMS asset management software

ovation control system will control Alston boiler, combustion control, engine and utility system. In addition, ovation system will also control Babcock, Wilcox air quality management system (aqcs) and other equipment constituting the environmental protection system of the unit, including washing tower and filter bag. Ovation system will also be connected with the control equipment of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry turbine

ovation system is designed and developed by Emerson to meet the special needs of the power generation industry, and Xcel is no stranger to it. Many Xcel plant equipment – including Comanche units 1 and 2 – have adopted ovation control systems. In fact, under another contract awarded by xcelenergy, Emerson will expand the ovation control system already installed on the two units to include its boiler combustion management system and the new scrubber control system

this comprehensive PlantWeb solution also has a core component - Emerson AMS asset management software: this intelligent device management system will fundamentally simplify device configuration, and translate this advantage into cost savings and improved unit startup efficiency. Moreover, AMS intelligent device management system will capture and analyze real-time and forward-looking diagnostic information from plant assets and intelligent field devices, so as to ensure the continuous improvement of unit availability and working performance

after the completion of the project, Comanche's unit 3 is expected to become the largest example of Applied Digital Fieldbus Technology in North American power plants: Emerson's ovation system will control 220 FF Foundation Fieldbus branches and 28 DeviceNet branches, thereby controlling 1350 FF Foundation Fieldbus intelligent devices and 358 DeviceNet devices. For example, in boiler island, the foundation fieldbus technology will communicate with Emerson rosemoun3051s transmitter, and then transmit the information to ovation system. Although Emerson has not received contracts for other instrument equipment from the factory, Emerson was selected to negotiate with the factory on the supply of these equipment

according to bobyeager, President of Emerson utilities, he pointed out that in the face of the increasingly complex and competitive situation in the power generation industry, this forward-looking thinking is becoming more and more important. "The operation, regulations, environmental protection and economic problems faced by the industry today are constantly changing. In this business environment, power plant control solutions must be based on flexible and open systems and integrate more advanced technologies, so that power suppliers such as xcelenergy can face this transient situation and respond quickly."

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