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Many enterprises continue to give their full support to Roland with practical actions. Loyal customers in Greater China who have always regarded Roland as the best business partner have expressed their consistent firm confidence and strong support for Roland after receiving the information that Roland Ag applied for bankruptcy protection in Germany to accelerate the completion of its restructuring procedures

among them, Sanli printing group reacted the fastest. About a week after MAN Roland announced its application for bankruptcy protection, it was convenient to order four Roland 700 glazing and UV offset printing machines from MAN Roland at one time in early December, a total of 31 printing units

we have been using Manroland's printing machine for a long time, and we are very satisfied with the printing quality and excellent performance of the equipment. Mr. Zhu yuechao, general manager of Sanli printing group, said that in addition, MAN Roland's service was also very good and considerate. Therefore, Roland is the first choice for the company to further introduce equipment and expand its territory

The success of Sanli printing in Europe, Asia and Latin America proves that it is a miracle brush group. It is a famous large-scale paper product manufacturer and printer in East China that can provide one-stop services. At present, it has two very modern production plants with an area of 50000 square meters in Yiwu City and Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. As a loyal user of Manroland, Sanli printing group has seven Manroland offset presses. They have been using Manroland's advanced printing technology to support the continuous development of its business that its components are difficult to separate. The newly purchased four flat offset presses will surely provide a solid printing hardware foundation for its further development

another loyal customer, Shanghai Xianggang Printing Co., Ltd., has been quite satisfied after using four Roland 700 offset presses. Among them, the Roland 700 eight color belt double glazing and UV printing machine equipped with online cold pressing device, online detection system and automatic ink supply guide and control device is the first in China. On this basis, Xianggang printing recently added a Roland 700 six color printing machine with glazing to meet the needs of its booming business

Mr. dongjianjun, general manager of Shanghai Xianggang printing and commercialized hydroponic planting pad 1 Co., Ltd., spoke highly of the leading technology and excellent quality of Manroland printing machine. He said: Manroland printing machine has laid a solid equipment foundation for us, so that we can provide customers with a variety of high-quality products, which greatly improves the company's competitive strength

Shanghai Xianggang Printing Co., Ltd., whose main business is packaging and printing, was founded in thermoplastic pipes - balloon tubes, three-layer tubes, multi cavity tubes, braided tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, post-processing - cutting-edge, flaring, printing, etc. in 2002, the company covered an area of more than 25000 square meters, with a plant area of 12000 square meters and more than 300 employees. It obtained ISO9000 certification in 2006 and was awarded the title of excellent printing enterprise by Shanghai National Publishing Bureau in 2009

it has always been believed that man Roland printing machine is the most suitable for their printing production. Shenzhen Xiyun Printing Co., Ltd. chose Roland 700 five color offset press equipped with ppl automatic plate changing device and automatic ink roller cleaning device. After introducing the brand-new Roland 700 five-color printing machine specially designed for the production of the highest printing quality, Shenzhen Xiyun Printing Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in packaging and printing, is bound to greatly improve its productivity and market competitiveness

in addition, Langfang Yuhua Paper Co., Ltd. believes that Roland Mann will have a better future after the reorganization. Langfang Yuhua Paper Co., Ltd. resolutely ordered a Roland 704 printing machine from Roland in mid December to express its firm confidence and continued support to Roland. Langfang Yuhua Paper Printing Co., Ltd. is a one-stop comprehensive printing company integrating design, production, printing and packaging

at this moment, Manroland's loyal customers are still loyal to Manroland, as always, they trust and strongly support Manroland. With the full support of many loyal customers, Manroland is confident that it will have a better development prospect after the successful reorganization, and will continue to provide world-class printing equipment and value-added printing solutions for Manroland's loyal customers

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