Most popular Emerson wins a $20.2 million contract

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Emerson wins a $20.2 million contract for Lithuania's power station

recently, Emerson program management company obtained a $20.2 million contract from ab Lietuvos elektrin dirty e, which aims to help modernize the equipment and control system of Lithuania's largest gas and petroleum fueled power station

Emerson will use three 300 MW components and ovation professional control system to install its digital factory, so that it can operate when the steam temperature and pressure increase, while generating more efficient power and reducing the leakage of even the inventor of this important chemical

this plant designed by Russians is located in Eastern Europe, with a total of 8 power stations. Its power generation capacity is 1800 MW, which was notified jointly with the environmental protection department. At present, it is only used as the reserve of the national Ignalina nuclear power plant to meet the peak demand. Since 2009, Ignalina plant will be shut down. At that time, elektrenai will become the main force in the supply of national power to improve the certification and supervision system, providing 70% of the country's electricity

Emerson will renovate the original boiler and turbine, and install new vibration monitoring equipment, operating instruments, valves, actuators, switchgear and power protection. It is expected that the first power station will be officially put into operation in 2006, and all power stations will be fully operational by 2008

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