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Emerson set up a development roadmap for the power and environmental monitoring industry

reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. The power and environmental monitoring system in the machine room is the support to ensure the stable operation of the entire information and communication network. Because this system is not only related to the management of the power equipment, refrigeration system and the whole environment of the computer room, but also needs strong software support. In the planning and construction, many factors such as groups should be taken into account. Therefore, the technical content of the power and environmental monitoring system of the computer room is relatively high, coupled with the continuous evolution of the communication network and the continuous change of the customer situation, the solution provider must have a forward-looking vision, through continuous technological innovation, Continuously improve customer satisfaction, so as to create the most comprehensive and maximized application value for customers

as a mainstream provider of network energy products, integrated solutions and integrated services, Emerson Network energy has more than 10 years of research and development and market experience in the field of power and environmental monitoring, and has a deep understanding of users. After years of continuous optimization, upgrading and innovation, Emerson Network energy monitoring system has formed a full range of products including hardware, software, image, transmission, etc., which can flexibly configure the system according to different regions, different maintenance and management systems, different Bureau conditions and transmission resources, so as to realize the real-time monitoring, unified management and energy-saving operation of various power equipment, air conditioning equipment and their environment in the communication bureau, Ensuring the reliability of the operation of the telecommunications system provides effective means and tools for the realization of unattended or less attended communication stations

Emerson energy monitoring system, with its excellent stability and reliability, has become an ideal choice for customers to build important stations. For example, nearly 2 self-adhesive labels of Chinatelecom are cut into 00 cities with a width of 25mm with a sampling knife, nearly 12 cities of China Mobile, 80 cities of affirming the weight of the hammer, and nearly 150 cities of China Unicom have adopted the Emerson energy monitoring system. The total number of consumption stations on the company's monitoring system exceeds 350000. Emerson energy monitoring system has outstanding application advantages in large exchange offices, Acer stations and other important offices and stations, It accounts for more than 50% of the monitoring market of Acer station and more than 70% of the monitoring market of exchange bureau

excellent product performance promotes the expansion of market applications, and more and more market applications create more user satisfaction. The 2009 customer satisfaction survey of the third-party company monitoring product market shows that 98% of end users think Emerson is better than its peers in the overall performance of products in the same industry. In the traditional communication industry customer base, Emerson energy monitoring product quality performance and technical level customer satisfaction exceeds 90%. In particular, the performance and technical parameters of products are significantly better than those of peers, the products fully meet customer needs, the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the convenience of daily use and maintenance. Emerson energy's power and environmental monitoring products are particularly suitable for petrochemical, oil and offshore platforms and other industries with hydrocarbon fire characteristics, and the customer satisfaction score of products exceeds 93%

the improvement of user satisfaction has become a huge driving force for Emerson to monitor product innovation. Aiming at the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction of customers in the communication industry, Emerson energy has developed the Bureau and station energy management system from the perspective of power and environmental monitoring system. The system integrates energy consumption management and evaluation system, oil engine automatic dispatching management system, battery management system, switching power supply sleep mode automatic control system, intelligent fresh air control system and air conditioning intelligent control system. Adopting this energy-saving scheme can save about 11% of energy consumption for customers and 803million yuan of electricity for China's communication industry every year. Its application prospect is obvious

in addition, facing the new market demand, Emerson Network Energy launched a new siteweb monitoring system at the end of 2009. The system is developed by Emerson Network energy after more than ten years of experience accumulation, five years of product research and using a large number of the most advanced software technology. It is the first monitoring system with full web architecture in China. Siteweb has made breakthroughs in data security, group capabilities, user experience and system expansion capabilities, which represents the forefront of the development of power and environmental monitoring product technology. Therefore, it will bring greater vitality to the market development in this field and lead the industry

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