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Emerson provides automatic control system for the largest wastewater treatment plant in San Francisco recently, Emerson announced the commencement of the largest functional membrane material R & D and production base in Zhejiang Province of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Emerson has been selected to contract the design and construction of its southeast treatment plant integrated automation project to help the plant achieve automatic control. The southeast treatment plant was built in 1952 and handles 57million gallons of wastewater every day. It is the largest sewage treatment plant in the city. In case of heavy rain, it can handle up to 250million gallons of water per day

this automation project is part of the city's sewage pipeline system improvement plan (SSIP), a 20-year, multi billion dollar plan designed to upgrade the aging sewage infrastructure, provide services to more than 800000 customers, and ensure that the sewage system is reliable now and in the future and will not be damaged in earthquakes

the southeast treatment plant is responsible for treating nearly 80% of the sewage in the city, but the existing control system of the plant has become obsolete, and operators need to manually perform multiple process controls. Users choose Emerson's advanced ovation control technology to replace existing controls, realize intelligent prediction to prevent potential failures, and provide other technical improvements, such as simulating plant conditions, simplifying maintenance workflow, and optimizing asset performance

Emerson will implement the $20million upgrade project in five stages in the next 15 years, with 7 years of design and construction, followed by 8 years of service and support

Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., general manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, said: this project is crucial to our ability to continue to provide high-quality, efficient and reliable sewer services. Control system upgrading is an important part of the whole modernization plan. We look forward to implementing automation technology. 3. Pendulum swing angle: 90 ° to help us optimize our business in the next few years

the new system will be connected with the computer maintenance and management system of the factory, which can save valuable time and money in the city and better protect the public. China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their assets to open up emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The maintenance work will no longer need to be carried out by a large family of non-ferrous metals according to the planned schedule, but only according to the predicted data of equipment status and actual operation time when necessary. Emerson will also provide security and simulation solutions for its control system to strengthen resistance to network threats and help improve data information transfer

as a design and construction contractor, Emerson will work closely with several local commercial enterprises and their design subcontractor MWh engineering company (now belonging to stantec company). MWh has successfully cooperated with Emerson on sewage treatment automation projects in Detroit, San Diego, Oakland and Sacramento, California for many times

MWh will carry out design work and optimize field verification methods, while Emerson will be responsible for design support, project management, hardware procurement and integration, software configuration, testing, installation, commissioning, training and field services. In order to promote continuous cooperation with subcontractors and the city of San Francisco, Emerson will open a shared office space at the nearby workbench site

Emerson will also support the city's community welfare program, focusing on labor development programs, including education and small business development projects

Bob Yeager, global president of Emerson automation solutions utilities, said: the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will implement the automation master plan according to its long-term strategic vision, and the community will benefit from the forward-looking thinking of the city's investment in factories and aging infrastructure

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