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Zoomlion concrete machinery company employees open flea markets

Zoomlion concrete machinery company employees open flea markets

China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade export

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in order to improve employees' saving intention, please rest assured that you have a good understanding of buying and turn waste into treasure, 7. The unprocessed appearance of the cutting parts and accessories of the experimental machine 1 should be primed and painted to promote the diligent and frugal lifestyle and achieve the mutually beneficial trading effect. On August 21, the Youth League Committee of Zoomlion concrete machinery company organized a flea market activity in the basketball court of Lugu apartment, which attracted more than 200 employees

Zoomlion employees opened a flea market

amid the cheerful music, people came and went in an endless stream at the event site. The staff carefully dressed up their stalls to attract customers. The flea market sells a wide variety of items, including clothing, home furnishings, and a wide range of household goods and electronic products. After a careful inquiry and comparison, many employees return with full loads

among these stalls, a special stall attracted many employees to rush to buy and onlookers, that is, the love charity bazaar of Zoomlion Youth Volunteer Association, which helped poor tea farmer Zhu Shangchao sell tea and tofu milk, and the charity sale raised more than 10000 yuan

"I've been collecting this dress on Taobao for a long time, and I haven't been willing to do it. I just found it in the flea market today. The price is reasonable, and I took it home as soon as I found it. Today I also bought tofu milk, and I feel very happy that I have given others a help!" Xiao Chen from the R & D Center said happily with his treasure

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