How to rush to buy the 2016 red envelopes of Youku

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How to rush to buy 2016 red envelopes on Youku double 11? In fact, there is the latest red envelope strategy

tmall double 11 red envelopes. Grab good goods and directly offset cash, which can be superimposed with pre-sale goods, and don't miss 100 million! It's double 11 again, and from then on, the wallet is a passer-by. The 2016 double 11 tmall Carnival will officially open at 0:00 on October 21. According to the past custom, you must first throw a wave of cash red envelopes and burst the whole audience. It is reported that today's red envelope prize pool is four times that of 15 years, and the chance of winning the prize is greatly improved. You can get three times a day. During the event, you can win the prize 17 times, with a maximum of 1111 yuan. If you want to chop the fruit basic nature powder happily on double 11 this year, you must not miss it! I have sorted out the various ways of playing tmall's double 11 red envelopes this year. The details are as follows:

double 11 red envelope entry (click this):

double 11 red envelope entry (click this on the computer):

red envelope distribution time this year's cash red envelope distribution time is: 0:00 on October 21, 2016 - 23:00 on November 10, 2016

there will be fixed-point quantitative distribution every day, of which the number of distribution on October 21, November 1, November 9 and November 10 is relatively large, and the winning rate is large. The first wave of red envelopes began with tmall's pre-sale activities on October 21. October 21 was the one with the largest number of red envelopes and the largest face value, followed by the other three. I remind all duty friends to stay on guard for the largest red envelope horizontal tensile testing machine starting at 0:00 tonight. Key points of purchase: distribution, and send it to the Alipay account bound by the winning user within 24 hours after winning the lottery

red packet classification and amount

tmall 2016 double 11 has three forms of red packet concessions:

the post-processing technology of materials also affects the VOC distribution of interior parts

Super red packet Denomination: 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 5 yuan, 1111 yuan; As long as you have faith, you will gain

face value of shopping coupon: 10 yuan

face value of flow coupon (lottery form): 1 yuan

according to the previous playing methods, the red envelope receiving methods and distribution channels are summarized as follows: 1. Red envelope extraction: each ID can be extracted 3 times a day, and a total of 17 times can be won by an account during the activity. Sharing the red envelope receiving page can draw various prizes, or increase an opportunity to draw air; 2. All kinds of red envelopes of tmall double 11 can be received on the PC or mobile terminal in the form of Amoy password, QR code, Amoy secret order, etc. these passwords will be followed up in the future, and we will tell you at the first time

the red envelope usage time. The tmall double 11 red envelope received from 0:00 on November 21 is only valid on November 11, that is, it should be used between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 on November 11. The Alipay account bound to the user's Taobao member account must pass the real name authentication and turn on the balance payment function, otherwise it cannot win the prize. Double 11 red envelopes can be used in Taobao and tmall. Double 11 shopping vouchers can be used in all double 11 businesses

write here, think about previous years, although everyone will spray, but also enjoy it. If you win the prize, you will share it unconsciously. If you smoke again, you will be happy. I wish you all a full collection this year ~

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