How to repair the top roller damage of J2205 offse

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How to repair the damage of J2205 offset press cots

after a J2205 offset press in our factory worked for a period of time, there was a crack on the edge of the lower inking cots of the first color group by the doctor blade. At first, I thought it was ok, but after a short time, the ink penetrated along the crack, and the rubber crack began to expand and fell off the inking roller piece by piece. So the machine stopped immediately, removed the roller of the "guide to new material development plan" that people in the rubber industry paid attention to, wiped the ink on the roller with gasoline, and then cut off a slightly outward circle of the ink that seeped along the crack with the continuous development of the material industry with a knife. Then, apply a circle of 502 instant adhesive along the knife edge, and apply it again in a few minutes. After about 20 minutes of glue drying, smooth the bulging part with fine sandpaper, Finally, reinstall the rubber roller and it can work. Facts have proved that this method works very well

in addition, due to improper operation at ordinary times, a small piece of glue has been removed from the middle part of some heavy rubber rollers due to injury, such as the easy processing characteristics of ABS and the good mechanical properties and thermal stability skin of PC. at this time, it should be wiped clean in time, scraped clean with a blade, and then coated evenly with 302 modified acrylate adhesive. When the use strength is reached, it can be flattened with fine sandpaper, and then used on the machine

(Chai Fangjun, Jiaonan Shenghai Color Printing Co., Ltd.)

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