How to save 1.33 million coal cost

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How to save 1.33 million coal cost

Xingneng power generation company of Shanxi Coking Coal Xishan Coal and power group company grasped the major problems affecting the quality of enterprise economic operation, implemented accurate project approval, formulated implementation plans, carried out efficiency supervision, standardized supervision process, and strictly controlled details. In 2018, the company implemented efficiency supervision on the approved "coal management" and "material procurement management", creating a direct economic benefit of 9.5926 million yuan

1.33 million coal cost is how to save

in 2018, in addition to the coal fired by Xishan Coal and Power Group mine (plant), the main coal source of Xingneng power generation company still has part of the gap to be supplemented by the coal source of Shanxi Coking Coal national development organization market through road transportation, and the access channels to the plant are the Tunlan platform and the Tunlan multi-channel coal storage shed. During the implementation of efficiency supervision, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company found that there was still room for manoeuvre in the price of coal entering the plant by road, so they organized relevant departments to negotiate with tunlando through market research. After unremitting efforts, the belt freight per ton of coal entering the plant from tunlando through the coal storage shed was reduced from the initial 20 yuan to 12 yuan. After the negotiation made progress, they suggested that the relevant departments should increase the amount of coal fed into tunlando coal storage shed on the premise of ensuring the orderly production, which could save 8 yuan per ton of coal cost. From January to October 2018, a total of 762000 tons of coal was added to the highway, including 548000 tons of coal from tunlando through the coal storage shed, 167000 tons more than the original plan. In this way, this alone saved the company 1.336 million yuan in coal procurement costs, which reflects the power of efficiency monitoring

coal has always been the main consumption material of thermal power plants. In recent years, with the influence of factors such as rising coal prices, coal accounts for an increasing proportion of power generation costs. The material of No. 20 seamless steel pipe directly affects the economic benefits of power generation enterprises. Take 2018 as an example, the annual power generation 113 actively meets the growing security demand 2.5 billion kwh, it undertakes the heating of 22.5262 million GJ for residents in Taiyuan and Gujiao cities and towns in winter, and consumes 5.8765 million tons of coal, including 4.756 million tons of coal in Xishan coal power group and 1.17 million tons of coal purchased externally. Therefore, strengthening coal management, controlling power generation costs, reasonably blending coal, reducing coal consumption, improving coal quality, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of units have become the key to affecting the economic benefits and safe and efficient operation of power plants. Xingneng company faced the difficulties, did not avoid or give in. On the basis of extensive research, aiming at the problems existing in the process of coal management, it accurately approved major projects and implemented efficiency supervision. They formulated the implementation plan for coal efficiency supervision, which defined the overall requirements, working methods, main supervision contents and specific completion time of carrying out efficiency supervision and the shear stress work without cross-section within this scope, so as to further standardize, systematize and program coal efficiency supervision

as the implementation unit of coal efficiency supervision, the coal blending plant of Xingneng company, led by the Ministry of political work, organizes the supply department, the coal quality department, and the control room to implement efficiency supervision on all links of sampling and systematization, coal blending and combustion of different types of coal, and the inspection and calibration of various measuring instruments. If problems are found, they should be consulted in time, put forward rectification suggestions, supervise whether the rectification measures are implemented in place, and monitor whether the rectification effect meets the required standards

in 2018, they implemented efficiency supervision on coal management, making coal measurement more accurate, blending ratio more reasonable, and achieving energy conservation and efficiency. In 2018, Xingneng's standard coal consumption for power supply decreased by 0.91 g/kWh over the previous year, generating 8.055 billion kwh that year, 932 million kwh more than that in 2017, and 6788 tons of standard coal were saved throughout the year; In terms of heating throughout the year, 20230 tons of standard coal were saved year-on-year

how much is a monitoring suggestion worth

in June 2018, Xingneng company plans to replace the dust removal filter bag of phase II #4 unit. According to the information provided by relevant departments of Xingneng company, it costs 330 yuan to buy a new filter bag in the market. If you buy it in batches, the unit price can be reduced to 300 yuan after negotiation. Although the price seems not high, it has attracted the attention of comrades from the Discipline Inspection Commission and the party and mass Department of the company who are conducting efficiency supervision. When investigating at the grass-roots level, the staff of the Discipline Inspection Commission and the party and mass Department of the company found that the previously replaced filter bags can be reused after cleaning. Therefore, they organized the supply department, production technology department, planning department, spot inspection department and other relevant departments to change the original replacement of dust removal filter bags into cleaning and reusing old filter bags after careful analysis, repeated demonstration and feasibility study. That month, they cleaned 18864 reusable filter bags at a cost of 733700 yuan. Replacing so many new filter bags requires at least 5.6592 million yuan, saving 4.9255 million yuan compared with the two phases

material procurement is also an important project affecting the overall situation in the operation and management of power plants. In recent years, in order to gradually eliminate the small heating boilers in mining areas and cities in winter and return the blue sky and white clouds in Taiyuan, Xingneng company decided to enter the field of heating and realize the transformation and development from single power generation to cogeneration. In this process, they have to implement a number of technical transformations and organize a number of equipment maintenance every year, consuming a large number of materials and equipment parts. The funds used for procurement every year range from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan. In order to effectively reduce the procurement cost, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xingneng company decided to implement the project efficiency supervision on the material procurement management

over the past year, led by the Discipline Inspection Commission and the party masses work department of Xingneng company, the supply department, as the implementation unit, closely cooperates with the supply department, planning department, finance department, Biotechnology Department, spot inspection department and other relevant units and departments of the company, strictly follows the process, highlights the supervision of details, and participates in the supervision of the weekly maintenance of materials (once a week, "sweeping") purchase, repair and recycling of waste materials, so as to ensure that all purchases are legal and compliant, and compare goods, Improve the economic benefits of enterprises. At the same time, strict economy is advocated in the whole plant, and the activities of repairing the old and recycling the waste, exchanging the old and getting the new, and replacing the old with the new are organized to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase

how much does it save to change and repair four reducers

in October, 2018, the reducer of four pipe belt conveyors in phase II of Xingneng company needs to be changed from the original single output shaft to double output shaft. Through inquiry from the original manufacturer of the equipment, the cost of purchasing four reducers is 3.8436 million yuan. After feasibility study with relevant departments, the efficiency supervision working group of the company actively communicates with the technical department of the equipment manufacturer, and submits it to the efficiency supervision leading group of the company for approval. It is decided to change the scheme of purchasing four pipe belt machine reducers to the original equipment returning to the factory for technical transformation. On October 11, 2018, the two sides signed a transformation and factory repair contract, with the project price of more than 565000 yuan. Finally, the transformed four reducers achieved the expected results, saving a total of 3.278 million yuan in equipment procurement costs

in terms of material procurement, Xingneng company conscientiously implemented the measures for the supervision and management of bidding and the measures for the supervision and management of material procurement, requiring material procurement and bidding matters to be reported to the Commission for discipline inspection every month. The Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company conducted random inspections, and a total of 82 tenders were conducted throughout the year, including 47 public tenders and 35 invited negotiations. The Discipline Inspection Commission of the company conducted a spot check on 32 bidding projects, and the spot check rate reached 39%. Carefully organize the second negotiation of material procurement bidding, in which the procurement project of heat storage elements at the hot end of 2 boiler a and B air preheaters was reduced from the bid winning price of 878200 yuan to 865500 yuan, saving 12700 yuan; The bidding price of phase I closed water plate heat exchanger procurement project was reduced from 608300 yuan to 568000 yuan, saving 40300 yuan. In the past year, the material procurement supervision and management project has saved a total of 8.2566 million yuan

in 2018, Xingneng company issued three performance monitoring suggestions, blocked one loophole, established and improved four rules and regulations, enhanced the staff's awareness of fine management, improved the company's coal and material procurement management level, and promoted the efficient operation and high-quality development of the enterprise

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