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How can it be more cost-effective to replace the old agricultural machinery when it needs to be "retired"

it's the season of spring ploughing and autumn harvest every year! As long as you walk in the field, you can see the busy figure of "iron ox". An agricultural machine passed through the field, and the ground was leveled in less than a while, and the rice in the field "returned to the warehouse". But, do you know? These "iron cows" are also tired. If these agricultural machines and tools are extended to "service", there will also be great potential safety hazards. What about these iron cows who are "tired" and "sleepy"

master Liang Hongcheng, from Hechang village, Tuoshi Town, Tianmen City, is an agricultural machine operator in the village. He has been engaged in agricultural machine operation for 30 years. Speaking of his old agricultural machines and tools, he felt that the low efficiency of operation affected his income, and it was very unsafe. "The new machines and tools can cut acres of fields a day, while the old machines and tools can only cut 70 acres of fields a day. The old machines and tools still have problems. When turning around, the brakes didn't work well, and he accidentally fell into the ditch."

master Liang told that many agricultural machinery operators around wanted to replace the old machines and tools. I heard that these old machines had subsidies, but I don't know how to replace these "old machines" with "new machines"? In 2015, Hubei Province was included in the pilot province of agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal subsidy, and 64 counties and cities were selected for the pilot in the first year. 201 it is found from the display in the task station that the travel of the actuator is only ± 10mm, which should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. In order to show problems in the system setting, it is necessary to reset the system After resetting the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, the display value on the display board of the task station is still inaccurate, so it is thought that this problem can be solved only by re marking, positioning and moving the system. For six years, Hubei Province has revised and improved the scrapping and updating policy of agricultural machinery, and has launched it in an all-round way throughout the province

Ren Yaowu, the head of Hubei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, said: "at present, safety production and environmental protection are two responsibilities that our government attaches great importance to. Through scrapping and updating, we can kill two birds with one stone. One is to solve the problem of eliminating hidden dangers in safety production, and the other is to solve the problem of green development of agricultural machinery."

in the Tianmen Hongyuan agricultural machinery professional cooperative, agricultural machinery operators changed the rotary cultivator behind the tractor and are installing potato sowing machines and tools to prepare for the next mechanized potato sowing. The cooperative has 2000 mu of land and 15 combine harvesters. These combine harvesters have been purchased continuously with the development of the cooperative, and some of them have a history of more than 20 years. Before the arrival, Liang Hongqing, the chairman of the cooperative, just scrapped the caterpillar harvester that had been used for 21 years and replaced it with a new agricultural machine

according to the policy, the newly purchased agricultural machinery consists of two subsidies, namely: agricultural machinery purchase subsidy + scrap and renewal subsidy. The replaced old machines and tools can be sold as waste products. The chairman calculated an account. Taking the purchase of a new agricultural machine of 120000 yuan as an example, the purchase subsidy for the new machine was 35000 yuan, the scrap subsidy was 5000 yuan, and the sold old machine was 800 yuan. In this way, a new machine worth 120000 yuan only cost 80000 yuan. The newly purchased agricultural machines and tools have more functions. Straw returning and subsoiling operations can be used. The efficiency has also been increased from the previous old machines and tools, which operate more than 30 mu a day, to more than 100 mu a day now. The cost of purchasing agricultural machines and tools can be recovered in two years

Xiao Qiming, deputy director of Tianmen Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told: "when there was no such policy in the past, people left the old machines and tools at home, and the enthusiasm was very high after the implementation of the scrapping and renewal policy."

according to incomplete statistics, up to now, there are 1.4 million tractors in use in Hubei Province, while 110000 tractors have been used for more than 10 years, accounting for about 12.7% of the tractor ownership in Hubei Province

there are more than 90000 combine harvesters, while 8172 combine harvesters have been used for more than 5 years, accounting for about 11% of the combine harvesters in the province

it seems that villagers still have a lot of old machines and tools at home, so who can apply for subsidies

luoshaoxin, director of Hubei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, said: "the scrapping and renewal subsidy policy is the same as our subsidy object for the purchase of agricultural machinery. Those who engage in agricultural machinery operations and own agricultural machinery are within the scope of our subsidy."

the scrapping and renewal subsidy policy, the scrapped machines and tools are tractors and combine harvesters, and the amount of subsidy varies according to different models and horsepower. The subsidy range of tractors is 500-11000 yuan, and the subsidy range of harvesters is yuan. At present, the scope of the scrap and renewal pilot in our province is the whole province, and each county and city has more than two recycling points

the provincial agricultural machinery bureau also reminded villagers that when scrapping old machines and tools, they must have legal source certificates, and need to provide purchase invoices, driving licenses, purchase certificates issued by county-level agricultural machinery departments, and written certificates from village committees

it is urgent to update agricultural machinery. The policy of scrapping and updating agricultural machinery needs to be improved.

Agricultural Mechanization is an important part of realizing agricultural modernization. The current scrapping and updating of agricultural machinery in our province is like a "timely rain", which provides strong support for agricultural mechanization. It has been two years since the pilot project was launched in 2015. What is the significance for the development of agricultural modernization? What problems have you encountered in the implementation process? How to promote in the future

the "renewal" of agricultural machinery is conducive to safe production and environmental improvement

taobaoping, director of the quality management office of Hubei Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery, said that with the development of China's rural economy and the effective implementation of the purchase subsidy policy, farmers in our province have applied experimental force to the samples, and the level of machine equipment has increased rapidly, and the ownership of all kinds of agricultural machinery has increased rapidly. By the end of June 2016, there were 1314000 tractors and 91800 combine harvesters, some of which were out of repair and could not be used. Some of them were out of service and operated with diseases, which not only caused a great waste of resources, seriously threatened the safe production of agricultural machinery, but also caused serious pollution to the environment. Practice has proved that the implementation of agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal subsidy policy is of great significance to optimize the structure of agricultural machinery equipment, promote energy conservation and emission reduction of agricultural machinery, and promote the safe production of agricultural machinery

scrapping and updating lead to the reduction of scrapped agricultural machinery

during the interview, some agricultural machinery operators also reported some troubles to us. Some agricultural machinery operators have left some idle agricultural machinery at home for many years, which are useless. They want to scrap and get subsidies, but? I don't want to buy new machines and tools, and scrapping and updating are bundled

in this regard, director Tao said that after two years of pilot, Hubei Province felt that there were still some constraints in promoting the work of agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal subsidies. Scrapping and renewal were bundled, which was not conducive to the adjustment of agricultural machinery and equipment. The current policy is that scrapping and renewal must be carried out at the same time to obtain subsidies, which includes two meanings: first, farmers should have agricultural machinery with scrapping conditions; The second is to have the demand, conditions and ability to purchase new machines, and then apply for agricultural machinery scrapping and renewal subsidies. In fact, with the promotion of land circulation and the wide implementation of the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, new agricultural business entities need to purchase large agricultural machinery and supporting agricultural machinery, and the corresponding small agricultural machinery will gradually fade out of the historical stage. Then there are many farmers who just want to scrap the old agricultural machinery in their hands. They do not need to purchase agricultural machinery, and they are not willing to purchase new agricultural machinery. The binding implementation of the two will inevitably lead to contradictions, As a result, the number of scrapped agricultural machinery gradually decreased

suggestions: Scrap subsidies and renewal subsidies should be implemented separately

as for how to improve the scrapping and renewal policy of agricultural machinery, director Tao believes that scrapping and renewal are loosened, so that machine operators have more choices; It is suggested that the agricultural machinery scrapping subsidy and renewal subsidy should be implemented separately to give agricultural machinery operators more autonomy. They can apply for subsidies for scrapping and renewal. Reduce the three procedures of scrapping, machine purchase and subsidy in the scrapping subsidy procedure to two procedures of scrapping and subsidy, establish a separate project for scrapping subsidy, and establish a special fund for scrapping subsidy. As long as it is applied for scrapping, it will be given a scrapping subsidy, and the renewal of machines and tools is not mandatory

indeed, if the stress is determined, it is necessary to measure the gauge distance of the specimen stretched to the given stress, which can implement the premium subsidy and renewal subsidy separately. It is estimated that our agricultural machinery operators will have a higher intention of exchanging the old for the new, and it can also make the national policy of benefiting the people more affordable! The general office of the State Council issued the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags (hereinafter referred to as the "plastic restriction order"). It's almost the new year. We Chinese people pay attention to the old and welcome the new. This agricultural machinery is the same, and we have to change it when we need to change it

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