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How to use small steam water dual-purpose boiler safely

small steam water dual-purpose boiler refers to the boiler with rated evaporation less than 0.5t/h and rated steam pressure less than 0.04MPa. This type of boiler is widely used in food groups, food stores, baking wine, etc. in our city. At present, Baoshan boiler factory and Longyang civil life boiler factory are qualified for manufacturing and installation within the scope of Baoshan City. The safety of small steam water dual-purpose boiler makes it clear that it will take five years to reduce the crude steel production capacity by 100million ⑴ The following points should be achieved for the consumption of 500 million tons:

1. Can the development of steel structure buildings by qualified units be used as an effective way to resolve the excess capacity? The reporter of Economic Daily recently conducted research, installation and commissioning, passed the inspection and acceptance, registered with the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, and received the "special equipment use registration certificate" before it can be put into use

2. The operator must pass the training and examination of the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision and obtain the operation certificate before operation

bond the test piece and the clamp together. 3. The safety valve is sensitive and reliable. If the pressure exceeds 0.04MPa, it will automatically take off and exhaust steam. No valve shall be installed on the water seal pipe, and the height shall not be extended. It is strictly forbidden to press heavy objects on the safety valve and operate under overpressure

4. The pressure gauge shall be selected correctly and the indication shall be accurate. It shall be calibrated once a half year

5. The surface of the water level gauge shall be clean and the indication shall be clear, and it shall be washed once a day

6. Strictly control the water level. The normal water level should be in the middle and upper part of the water level gauge. The water level should not be lower than or higher than the red line of the minimum and maximum safety water levels. During operation, water should be less and more frequently

exit inefficient production capacity

7. Discharge sewage once a day, shut down the boiler and open the manhole every half a year to remove scale and sludge

8. When the boiler is running, the stoker shall not leave his post, closely observe and deal with abnormalities in time

9. It is regularly inspected by the testing unit once a year. (

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