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How to repair car glass, car glass repair tips

many friends have had car glass broken, and local damage, such as cracks, ox eyes, star shaped or crescent shaped damage, can be repaired. If you go to a professional to repair, it may take hundreds of dollars to fix it. If this kind of small damage is left unchecked, it may turn into large cracks or the damaged surface will become larger. The final situation is to have to replace a piece of glass. Now most of the vehicles are covered with film, and it will cost a lot of money to replace the glass. The replaced glass is certainly not as good as the original one, and poor workmanship may also lead to poor sealing and water leakage

here we teach you to spend dozens of yuan to repair by yourself ◆ small damage in the experimental cycle is not only affordable, but also can enjoy the fun of doing it yourself

common repairable damage conditions

irreparable damage conditions

take the lead to clean the damaged wound, wipe the place that needs to be repaired, and then carefully scratch or pick out the debris in the crack with a blade or a pointed object

the second step is to stick double-sided tape to locate the damaged part

the third step is to fix the bracket

the fourth step is to inject repair fluid

the fifth step is to connect the pressurizer to vacuum, draw out the residual air inside the damaged point, and wait for 15-20 minutes until the bubbles completely escape

step 7 remove the glue injection head and apply the remaining repair fluid on the crack. Stick on the curing film and extrude the bubbles with a blade. Wait for 20 minutes in direct sunlight, and an hour in overcast or insufficient light. Of course, it takes twoorthree days to achieve complete curing, in addition to the usual adjustment time. Scrape off the excess glue with a blade after curing

after the repair, the previous cracks are basically invisible, which can effectively prevent the further deterioration of the glass. It is really economical and practical

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