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How should a new car be run in

how should a new car be run in? According to a professional, attention should be paid to many aspects of grinding, but as for gear running in, please pay attention to the following points

1. Do not let the machine rotate too fast

during the running in period, everyone knows that the speed should not be too fast, such as not exceeding the speed of 80 km/h or 90 km/h, but one thing to note is that the speed does not mean any problem, and the more important thing is the speed. As mentioned earlier, the running in period is the process of engine smoothing and smoothing, and too high speed will damage the already uneven axle surface. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the speed than the speed, no matter which gear it is, Generally, the rotation speed should not exceed 3000 rpm, and the automatic gear should not exceed 3500 rpm

however, there are many cars whose speed is already very high at 3000 rpm in fifth gear or even sixth gear. It doesn't matter. Speed is just the embodiment of power when the speed is certain, so it doesn't matter as long as the speed is not exceeded

2 and there is no great difference in technology Do not let the machine rotate too low

the running in effect of normal use cannot be achieved when the speed is too low. Keep the speed at least between 2000 and 2500 during driving

3. Do not hold a gear for a long time

in order to make the car faster than the running in period, some friends often shift to fifth gear or fourth gear, and grind the car in order to grind the car. Don't you know that this will make the engine age rapidly. On the premise of uneven surface, it is also a long-term physical work, and the machine can't stand it (automatic gear is not considered)

4. It is better not to drive at idle speed

don't let the machine bear too much weight. Generally, you should use oil to give the car some force, and don't use first gear or second gear to idle

5. Don't drive with a load

during the running in period, the lighter the car, the better. It's best not to pull five people running around at once. Too much load on the machine will also be damaged. Don't pull heavy objects, such as hundreds of kilograms of rice

6. Run in with daily use, and grind all gears

you need to use one gear from first gear to fifth gear, so the best way is to drive in the urban area. Starting and stopping from time to time is also good for the machine (in other words, running on all kinds of road conditions)

7. Don't go to the first service too early, usually 2000 or 2500km

some people like to go for maintenance before the date of the first warranty stipulated a few days ago. In fact, this is not good. A certain date of the first warranty is calculated scientifically, so it is not advisable to advance the first warranty

8. Don't drive for too long, and allow the machine to adjust the local amplification time

don't let it run all day long. Like a taxi, it should be put away after driving for a few hours at most. Let it have a rest. Don't buy a new car. It's fresh and practiced. It runs all over the city on Saturday and Sunday, but I don't know how harmful it is to the car

after grinding, the car is powerful and the gears are clear after the running in period. The iron under your feet will be much lighter. It won't feel good when driving, but when the mileage goes up, small problems will come out, which can effectively absorb harmful materials, odor and water. At this time, don't say that the car is bad and has many problems. Think about how to grind the car at the beginning. If it's not good, it will also reduce the engine life. Maybe your car will be boring after 100000 or 200000 kilometers, and the machine may also need to be overhauled in advance. Grinding the car is the foundation of driving, which should be the top priority, Please pay attention, don't trifle

in addition, it is not necessary to grind the car at high speed. As long as you grind the car well, the engine power and sealing will be very good. Naturally, the car will be powerful, and the high speed is no problem. There is no need to deliberately overspeed. Just drive as you should

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