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How to restore the color and level of color newspaper pictures well

in the printing process of color newspaper, there are many factors that affect the quality of color newspaper, mainly including the restoration of color and level of pictures, ink color, layout, registration, ink balance and the condition of equipment. In actual production, we mainly control from the following five aspects

the restoration of colors and layers of pictures is mainly related to the two processes of scanning and printing. When scanning, first classify the originals (including fax pictures, photos and secondary originals). Scan the fax picture and the original picture with the appropriate number of lines after the scanner lens is aligned. When processing the scanned picture (4) sepiolite should pay attention to four points: ① ensure that the highlight part of the picture is continuous; ② Ensure that the dark part of the picture is not at the same level; ③ Try to ensure that the intermediate tone has rich levels and moderate brightness; ④ When removing the background color, ensure that the four colors of the dark part of the picture are not more than 260 after superposition, and rub against each other at a regular speed of% ~ 280%. For the secondary original, in order to prevent moire phenomenon in the printing process, the scanner lens should be appropriately virtualized before scanning or the image of the scanned secondary original should be properly decontaminated after scanning, the scanning accuracy should be increased or the angle rotation should be less than 15, and the focus should be adjusted to a certain point. In these processes, the scanner adjusts the R, G and B parameters of each picture according to his own experience and the conditions of the printing equipment of his newspaper

the production of newspaper eyebrows, take Xinhua as an example. Xinhua has 16 color newspapers a, B, C and D every day, and there is a standard color bar superimposed by four colors at the bottom of each page. The damaged color bar shall be replaced. The production of color bar includes two aspects: ① 100% point mainly tests the hue and density; ② 30%, 50% and 70% points are mainly used to measure the increase rate of printing points. We produce this standard color bar for the following three purposes

1. Theoretically, if there is no printer, as long as the color bar of the day is adjusted to close to the standard color bar, the ink volume of each color of the photo on the color bar is basically in place

2. When adjusting the exposure time and developer concentration, the printer can determine the exposure time and developer concentration according to the point alignment of 3% - 4% of the highlights in the color bar

3. The scanner can compare the effect of the picture above the color bar with the original according to the sample report of the printer when adjusting the color bar to close to the standard color on the same day, and reflect on whether there is any need for further improvement in processing the R, G, B parameters of the picture, which can provide empirical data for scanning similar pictures in the future

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