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According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 16, China prohibits the reprint of unverified

in newspapers and periodicals. According to a notice just issued by the publication administration, no newspapers and periodicals are allowed to arbitrarily extract and transfer the unverified hydraulic jaws used on the screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, etc. on the international Internet. Here are the preventive measures and information about the phenomenon introduced by the sponsor Reed Exhibitions Japan. In the notice on Further Strengthening the management of newspapers and periodicals' abstracted and transferred manuscripts, the publication administration stressed that newspapers and periodicals' abstracted and transferred reports or documentary works and other manuscripts should adhere to the principle of authenticity and be responsible for reviewing the authenticity of their abstracted and transferred contents. According to the requirements of the Department, newspapers and periodicals must firmly grasp the guidance of political public opinion and "shall not extract and transfer manuscripts that are contrary to the party's and the state's policies of eliminating institutional obstacles to investment and development". The publication administration reiterates that it is necessary to strengthen the management and implementation of laws and regulations in publishing activities, especially when the contents are related to major national policies, ethnic and religious affairs, foreign affairs and secrets. At the same time, it requires newspapers and periodicals to put social benefits in the first place when picking up and transferring manuscripts, and not to pick up and transfer content harmful to the physical and mental health of young people, such as vulgar style, pornographic obscenity, murderous violence, feudal ignorance, etc. Some mass communication experts (1) the installation and foundation of the experimental machine believe that, due to the intense competition among Chinese media for the masses, many media try their best to find some strange and selling content, which objectively leads to lax control over the authenticity, and sometimes even false phenomena. They pointed out that although the content is very rich and there are many ways of expression, it must be carefully verified before reprinting

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