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China comprehensively promotes the localization of oriented silicon steel for large transformers the Ministry of industry and information technology recently held a conference in Wuhan to promote the localization of oriented silicon steel for voltage transformers in the process of selecting such equipment. It is suggested that all power design and research departments, transformer manufacturers and property rights units should implement the adjustment and revitalization plan for the steel industry and the adjustment and revitalization plan for the equipment manufacturing industry, and make use of new steel technologies Research and development of new products, improve the autonomy of large-scale transformer equipment, UHV power transmission and transformation and other substation equipment

the Ministry of industry and information technology requires downstream industries to actively support the iron and steel industry in improving technology and product quality, establish a mutually beneficial strategic cooperation relationship with iron and steel enterprises, vigorously promote the localization of major equipment materials, and strive to complete the test and manufacture of the first set of 500 kV large-scale transformers with domestic materials by the end of this year, laying a good foundation for the promotion and expansion of consumption next year

at the promotion meeting, some large transformer manufacturers in China reported the situation and test results of using silicon steel products of Wuhan Iron and steel (Group) company to manufacture 220 kV transformers, and introduced the trial situation of WISCO oriented silicon steel products replacing imported materials on S13 energy-saving transformers

the meeting held that the oriented silicon steel produced by WISCO has been used in the manufacturing process of 220 kV voltage grade transformers, and the products have passed the test and basically reached the quality level of similar foreign products, which is of great significance for China to gradually get rid of the situation of long-term dependence on imports and being controlled by others

Wuhan Iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. is the largest cold-rolled silicon steel production base in the world at present, and also the longest and largest enterprise producing high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel in China. The cold-rolled silicon steel sheet produced by WISCO is a famous brand product in China. Among them, the high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel is the "top level" in the silicon steel family. It is widely used in the manufacturing of large transformers with high production process requirements. Compared with the general oriented silicon steel, it has the advantages of high magnetic induction strength and low iron loss. It is called the best silicon steel

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