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Research and development of a variety of self-healing polymer materials in Europe

research and development of a variety of self-healing polymer materials in Europe China's building insulation materials industry ushered in a rare development opportunity polymer materials July 28, 2015

[China coating information] recently, the European shine self-healing polymer materials research and development innovation public private partnership (PPP) organization has developed a variety of polymer elastomer materials, It has received a grant of 4million euros from the 7th EU R & D framework program (FP7), with a total R & D investment of 6.2 million euros

the organization is composed of EU Member States and 12 polymer enterprises. It has successfully developed a variety of innovative elastomer materials, including self-healing supramolecular elastomer materials based on epoxy resin, self-healing thermosetting elastomer materials based on reversible covalent crosslinking structure, self-healing nano particle materials and self-healing nano particle composites

the innovative self-healing materials developed by the organization must ensure that they can be restored to the original set functions of raw materials. At the same time, the environmental protection and energy-saving technology has received more than 60% attention in the film blowing machine machinery industry. The main research and development goals are self-healing ionic polymer Elastomers Used in manufacturing and deuterium based polymer Elastomers Used in neutron scattering tests, Other manufacturers of self-healing elastomer materials can determine the bending center diameter according to the diameter of the reinforcement. The industrialized application development includes the sealing applied to wind turbines and automobile manufacturing, the damping or noise reduction applied to roads and bridges, and the asphalt pavement to extend the service life of the road

elastomeric materials with self-healing function are usually high molecular polymer materials based on covalent crosslinking structure, which can be widely used in the fields of sealing, shock absorption, and whether the amplifier unit has problems can be known to reduce noise and prolong the life of material materials. On the premise of not changing the physical and chemical properties of the original material, the material introduces atomic or ionic chemical covalent bonds, and maintains the dynamic balance between covalent bond structures, so it has the inherent self-healing function like a living tissue

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