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According to a spokesman of the European Commission, they will make greater efforts to "list cigarette ingredients on cigarette packaging" in the next few months, although this has caused great protests in the tobacco industry

the spokesman said that when implementing the directive on tobacco products, they found that the "list of cigarette ingredients", as one of the directives, had not been well implemented

the committee said that at present, about 170 bureaus across the country have only seen the incomplete picture of the list of cigarette ingredients, functions and their harm to consumers' health, which is mainly due to the sharing of experimental data caused by incomplete information on cigarette ingredients published by tobacco companies. Cigarette manufacturers strongly oppose the practice of listing all cigarette ingredients on cigarette packages if the rotational resistance drops by 30%, and argue that this may lead to the disclosure of their cigarette formula to competitors

in order to break this impasse, the European Commission will consult its member states on which strategy is more effective

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