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Europe and Japan are the main exporters of plastic mixing machines

with the continuous development of the packaging machinery market, according to relevant foreign data, the demand growth trend of packaging plastic mixing machines around the world in the next few years is different. The survey of a large number of users also shows that the demand in the US market has decreased in recent years, while the strong growth in the Asian and European markets will keep the global market supply and demand in good balance

plastic mixing machinery is used to guide twin-screw extruders, reciprocating single screw mixing machines and other similar equipment. It is predicted that the Asian packaging plastic machinery market will continue to prosper in the future, but the growing demand is increasingly being met by the supply of local machinery manufacturers. The product with the fastest growing market demand is the co rotating twin-screw extruder, because it is the main equipment suitable for thermoplastic mixing. The mixing materials include many special materials and large-capacity series products widely recognized by users. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) mixing products have poor anti-interference ability in most parts of the world, and the demand growth rate will be higher than the overall average level of plastic mixing materials, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mixture is still the largest variety in consumption, and it has been widely used at present. In June this year, it is reported that Europe and Japan will still be the main export regions of plastic mixing machinery under constant tensile force in the next few years. North America and Asia are still the largest regions for mixing machinery to enter Japan, but the new local manufacturers will have a huge impact on the existing export machinery manufacturers

information source: China Plastics Machinery

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