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with the application of contactless IC card technology in the urban bus automatic toll collection system, a large number of on-board POS machines are used in the bus toll collection system. In recent years, the proportion of customers' card consumption has become larger and larger, and the number of on-board POS machines for public transport has also continued to grow. At the same time, the growth has put forward higher requirements for the public transport charging system. At present, public transport companies across China have basically established traditional POS systems with wired access. However, with the development of wireless technology, the shortcomings of wired access of public transport POS systems have further emerged

wired access to the bus POS requires the staff to collect data after the bus returns to the terminal. 3 Torque measurement range: 1% ⑴ 00% device reads and transfers the data from the on-board POS machine to the data acquisition center. The participation of personnel makes the collection process inefficient and error prone, and the maintenance is more complex

on the other hand, due to the large number of buses and frequent network interaction, it is impossible to bear high operating costs. For example, GPRS, CDMA and other paid communication services can only be used as long-distance backbone network connection services, but not as a fully covered bus toll network. The wireless communication and network technology carried by Wi Fi perfectly makes up for this vacancy. The rising wave of Wi Fi network construction makes Wi Fi become the mainstream direction of wireless network. In terms of security, technical maturity, connection with existing networks, node management, QoS characteristics, and equipment interoperability, Wi Fi has unparalleled advantages in short-range wireless technology, and can meet the data collection needs of public transport toll collection system to the greatest extent

based on the current rapid development of wireless network data services, Beijing Zhongdian Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huada Electronics) has proposed a public transport wireless POS access solution based on Wi Fi technology. The wireless access mode of POS based on Wi Fi technology can perfectly solve the shortcomings of traditional bus wired POS

Wi Fi wireless access technology is adopted. When the bus enters the terminal, the on-board POS machine is automatically connected to the AP erected in the terminal. The AP can be connected to the data acquisition center through Ethernet when the holding time reaches 8 minutes. After the association is completed, the on-board POS machine automatically uploads the data stored on the POS machine to the data collection center, and wirelessly downloads the blacklist and other contents to be downloaded to the on-board POS machine. This process does not require the data collector to transfer the data, nor the participation of personnel. Multiple Wi Fi on-board or handheld POS can be connected to the bus toll collection system through the AP in a shared way to communicate with the data collection center. Customers can flexibly select the location and quantity of AP erection and adjust the coverage according to the actual situation of the terminal. The use of Wi Fi wireless access technology makes the data collection of the bus toll collection system more intelligent and easier to maintain

wi fi wireless data transmission has the characteristics of low equipment cost, highly safe and reliable data transmission, flexible and convenient use, and is very suitable for POS applications. The Wi Fi operating system can be upgraded remotely through the network. It is very flexible and convenient. It can provide wide area wireless IP connection. It is suitable for industrial and enterprise users to carry out wireless data applications and provide high-performance wireless access for scattered remote access points

wi fi main features:

1 Long transmission distance and large coverage. The coverage of a single AP can reach 10000 square meters

2, with high transmission rate. The speed can reach 11m

3. The system transmission capacity meets the requirements. Wi Fi technology is especially suitable for POS systems, which need to transmit a large amount of sudden data

4. High safety. It provides "security multimode" capability and supports wapi/wep/wpa/wpa2 security standards, which can be configured through software

5 good expansibility. Considering the growth and change of future business, it should have sufficient scalability, including a variety of access modes. 4. Understand the provision of measurement standards and the scalability of access, the expansion of bandwidth and the smooth upgrade of rate, and the scalability of processing capacity. Relying on the mature technology, various emerging Wi Fi devices, existing network facilities, architecture support, and rich network knowledge brought by the Wi Fi network being deployed in a large scale, Use Wi Fi to minimize adjustments to your network architecture and existing devices

the wireless module customized by Huada electronics according to the bus toll collection system has simple interface and is easy to use. Customers will no longer need to pay attention to the details of wireless technology, but directly and quickly enter the following regulations on Warranty: there are several reasons why they can not enjoy the warranty regulations of Jinan experimental machine into the practice of wireless product development, which greatly speeds up the progress of product development and realizes the easy transition from wired to wireless technology and products. (end)

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