Cohen appliance intelligent stove kn58 innovation

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Recently, another news about a kitchen explosion accident occurred in a well-known forum in a certain place, and more than 90% of the victims were burned. According to statistics, there were 390 gas explosion news in the first half of 2018, including 263 indoor gas explosion news. It is precisely because of the kitchen gas, there are many hidden dangers in the kitchen fire that caused this series of accidents. Do you know that your gas stove is really safe? Panel burst, gas leakage, electric leakage... Have you got these unsafe factors

in order to prevent kitchen safety accidents and create a safe life for tens of millions of families, Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry, launched a new gas stove kn58, which can be controlled at will, continuously iterated and upgraded, and has multiple safety guarantees. In terms of safety, Cohen kn58 gas stoves, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, have made great efforts. The countertops are designed with thickened black crystal explosion-proof tempered glass panels. After strict testing, they have explosion-proof functions and can be used safely; It fits perfectly with the Chinese kitchen, making it clean after every cooking, simple and easy, and giving you a more humanized experience

Cohen kn58 gas stoves, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, are equipped with thermocouple flameout protection devices, which can quickly cut off the gas source in case of accidental flameout to prevent gas leakage, which is safe and intimate; At the same time, it is also equipped with a double safety fortress, which is reliable and safe; You can enjoy the cooking experience as you like. Cohen kn58 gas stoves, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, adopt electric pulse ignition, without continuous pressing, fast and accurate ignition, 4.5kw firepower, high-efficiency energy gathering ring design, ultra-high thermal efficiency, far exceeding the national first-class energy efficiency standard; The pinhole focuses accurately, reducing the occurrence of bias, misplacement and other situations. The humanized design makes the safety better

modern consumers are constantly upgrading their awareness of health and environmental protection, and have increasingly stringent requirements for the purchase of stoves. Safety performance and practicality are the standards for consumers to purchase; Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, fully tap users' needs, innovate quality, create intelligent, efficient, healthy and environmental friendly kitchen appliances on the premise of safety, and escort the health and exquisite life of more users




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