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On December 6, 2016, the first Council of customized home furnishing special committee hosted by the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "the chamber") was held in Guangzhou Nanfeng International Exhibition

home furnishing leading enterprises gathered together, Brand Summit broke through industry barriers, and a home furnishing Oscar Carnival opened in Yangcheng

on December 6, 2016, the first customized home furnishing Special Committee Council hosted by the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "all China Chamber of Commerce") was held at Guangzhou Nanfeng International Exhibition. At this grand event, the brand "simbor ・ new standard customization" of Xinbiao home furnishing Co., Ltd. won the vice chairman unit of the all China Chamber of Commerce customized home furnishing Professional Committee

the ups and downs of the business, the inflection point of the whole house customization, and the twists and turns

as an old brand home furnishing enterprise with a 17 year development history, Xinbiao home furnishing has accumulated profound business capabilities in the fields of research and development, craftsmanship, operation and so on. In recent years, it has sprung up in the market with word-of-mouth products and brand effect, winning various awards in the industry, demonstrating a strong brand development momentum

however, after a thousand sails are exhausted, Xinbiao home still has a very clear understanding of the chaotic market. It does not stop in the comfort zone built by successful experience, nor is it addicted to the capital game of fishing with all the benefits and foam prosperity. On the contrary, it has always maintained a high degree of synchronization with the development of the whole industry. In 2016, under the background of the reshuffle and reorganization of the home furnishing industry, the industrial line was continuously deepened, and the wardrobe and cabinet business division was becoming more and more mature. It realized resource integration with the magnificent new standard doors and windows and wooden doors, held high the customized strategic plan of "whole house integration", and became a leader in the home furnishing market

the giant alliance forced the home decoration industry to integrate and optimize

the relevant survey shows that customized home furnishings have already supported half of the home furnishing market, but many hidden criticisms in the home furnishing industry have greatly hindered this trend. The homogenization of products, the small workshops of production, the lack of unified market entry standards, etc., have left customized home furnishings in a situation of being surrounded and marginalized all year round

the home furnishing industry urgently needs a strong platform to manage and standardize the operation of the whole industry and integrate upstream and downstream industrial resources. As the only national industry organization covering the whole home furnishing industry chain, the all China Chamber of Commerce has gathered brand pioneers to devote themselves to strategies. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of China's customized home furnishing industry, the establishment of the all China Chamber of Commerce customized home furnishing special committee is a progressive move to comply with the development of the home furnishing industry

it is true that Xinbiao home is still a new force in the home customization team, but relying on its combat experience and increasingly accumulated social resources, Xinbiao home is firmly transforming into a new blue ocean of "whole house integration" customization, and has become an irresistible backbone in the whole chamber of Commerce. In this regard, Mr. huangdongjiang, chairman of Xinbiao household, said, "The professional platform of settling in the chamber of commerce is an important change for Xinbiao home to actively integrate into the market to adapt to the current production and consumption patterns. This is in line with the brand mission of creating a quality life for consumers, which Xinbiao home adheres to. We will accelerate the integration in brand investment promotion, sales management, after-sales service and even Internet technology, and set an example, in order to promote the overall quality of the whole industry."

director Jiang of the active marketing department of Xinbiao home attended the awarding ceremony

the Guangdong home furnishing tycoon who is at the forefront of the times is the pioneer of customization. As one of the unique national brands, Xinbiao home furnishing has been constantly honed in the market competition and has become a bright pearl in the middle and high-end home furnishing brands. The award of vice president of the customized home furnishing committee is a strong proof that the new standard home furnishing has become a conceptual brand of customized overall home furnishing, and also sounded the front-line horn for the integrated customization of the new standard home furnishing




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