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Osheno ceramics promotes the development of the industry with innovation

the development of any industry is inseparable from technological progress. For the ceramic industry closely related to urban construction, every technological breakthrough will change the scene of people's lives and bring more comfortable and superior living experience. Among the few innovative ceramic construction enterprises, Oushennuo ceramics, with a history of 21 years, is constantly promoting the development and reform of the industry with its unremitting scientific research practice

osheno ceramics has been certified as a high-tech enterprise for many years. The predecessor of osheno ceramics is Keda ceramic machinery Experimental Factory, which has a good technical foundation of ceramic equipment and innovation genes. Since its establishment in 1998, Oushennuo has been based on the high-end, focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales services of architectural ceramics products, and is committed to bringing professional material selection services and superior space experience to the majority of users. As a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan, an excellent enterprise of national scientific and technological innovation, a CNAs certified ceramic testing laboratory, and a provincial innovative ceramic enterprise, osheno ceramics has invested and built i& with an area of nearly 10000 square meters; I large building ceramics R & D center has more than 600 professional R & D personnel, and vigorously introduces and improves international cutting-edge production equipment and technology

I& I Jiantao R & D center

Oushennuo's R & D team (in part) benefits from the large-scale and professional scientific research foundation of Jiantao, as well as the product concept of weeding out the old and bringing forth the new and keeping up with the international trend. Oushennuo launches products with new technology and new design every year. Since the creation of the first piece of rain flower stone, osheno has been at the forefront of the ceramic industry as an innovator and pioneer, and has successively launched breakthrough products such as crystal cube, IC microcrystals, Royal Stone, Van Gogh and Casaro series. Each new generation of products has attracted high attention and even technological changes in the industry market

innovation process of osheno products

after 21 years of accumulation, osheno has achieved fruitful results in the field of ceramic research. So far, osheno has obtained more than 300 patent certifications, more than 500 brand honors issued by national, provincial and domestic and foreign authorities, and participated in the formulation of 5 industry national standards. In the past 30 years, five of the seven major technological breakthroughs in the construction ceramics industry were born in Oushennuo, which has become the main enterprise in the scientific research and development of China's construction ceramics

the patents, Honors (partial display) and scientific research innovation obtained by osheno are the core driving force for the development of enterprises. Oushennuo ceramics adheres to the concept of innovation oriented and leading technology, high standards inherited in one continuous line, the pursuit of excellence, and the creativity at the forefront of the industry to create a high-quality and high-value living environment for millions of families around the world




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