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Detailed maintenance methods of electric telescopic doors editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

electric telescopic doors are no stranger to consumers, but they know nothing about the maintenance methods of long-term use of telescopic doors. What are the maintenance methods of electric telescopic doors

first, always use a soft towel to wash and wipe the door surface with neutral tap water. Note that acid or alkaline rags cannot be used to wipe, which will only accelerate the corrosion of the stainless steel surface

secondly, you can squeeze rust remover onto a towel and wipe the parts back and forth, so that the attachments and rust spots on the surface can be removed

finally, to prevent some parts of the electric door from falling off, resulting in electric door failure or accidents. The telescopic door should be checked regularly, especially the hardware parts

Ronggao electric telescopic door has long service life, hardware parts are not easy to be damaged, and the materials that will not rust save consumers time and worry

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