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After years of development, the development mode of customized wardrobe enterprises has gradually changed from the original high-speed mode to constant development, and the era of sudden profits has gradually developed into an era of low profits. Then, this is also something that must be experienced by a mature industry. Then, for customized wardrobe enterprises, how to manage their own profits well in the era of low profits is a problem that enterprises need to think about. Overall wardrobe brand ranking Deville: how can wardrobe enterprises tap profit space

in the era of low profit, wardrobe enterprises need to grasp three keys

1. Scientific prediction

although the amount of information in the era of low profit is highly developed, the market form is ever-changing, comprehensive, and large-scale information, which may not accurately reflect the market situation or consumption trend of a local region. Operators should not only consider the project in the big market, but also make a specific analysis of different market conditions on the basis of extensive information collection. According to the details, they should have an insight into the first opportunity, so as to make a judgment in line with the real situation of the market, and then make a scientific prediction. Correct prediction and accurate judgment can make your business skills and methods higher than those of your peers, and make your business profitable and profitable. The reasonable control of cost, input, profit and output value is the foundation of an enterprise's development

2. Differentiated services

differences can win. When products and services become increasingly homogeneous, only by showing differences can we win from peers. Today, when the market turns from a seller's market to a buyer's market, it seems that the market is saturated, the products seem to be surplus, and it is difficult for operators to do business. I don't know where to start. In fact, in the market, consumers and operators suffer equally, some can't sell, some can't buy, some can't afford, and some don't know what to buy. The fundamental reason for this situation is that the operators of customized wardrobe can't see the personalized needs of the market and don't look for the gap in the market. The result is "you have me have everything". Nowadays, the consumer market tends to be diversified, and personalized consumption is becoming increasingly obvious. To win in the era of meager profits, the important factors are "you have nothing", "you have my excellence" and "you have my excellence". How to create individual differences in products and/or services, expand the market with differences, occupy the market and win the market. Looking for the differentiation of our customized wardrobe industry is also looking for our advantages

3. Continuous innovation

innovation can win. Today, with the development of the industry, the speed of survival is accelerated, and enterprises not only retreat. In order to survive and develop in this society, operators must constantly innovate. Only innovation can make the enterprise full of vitality. Through continuous innovation, we can improve the shortcomings of our own enterprises and increase the advantages of self-development, so as to achieve rapid profits in the era of low profits. Today, with the development of the industry, the trend of low profit or even zero profit is obvious. In the era of low profit, enterprises need fine management, try their best to reduce costs, use continuous innovation, manufacture differentiation, improve the competitiveness of products, and improve product profits are the core of our survival in the era of low profit. So we say that "net profits are wasted in the era of meager profits". Only product innovation, sales method innovation, design innovation and after-sales service innovation can ensure that we can continue to achieve profitability and not be eliminated by the industry

in general, wardrobe enterprises should strive to produce products with high sex and price, and truly benefit consumers, so as to win the market and achieve development. On the other hand, the current competition of wardrobe enterprises is not only the competition of wardrobe products, but also needs to work hard in terms of service and innovation. The test of wardrobe enterprises is no longer a one-sided strength, but a competition of comprehensive strength. Therefore, building high-cost products based on the essence of products will also become the key to the formation of core competitiveness, This is the premise for enterprises to form differentiated advantages, and it is also the key to open up the market

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