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A large number of defective diapers for infants and young children from several manufacturers in Changsha were packaged and sold.

Hunan Sanyou Paper Co., Ltd. in Lidi Township, Yuhua District, the defective diapers were packaged and stacked in a centralized manner. (abnormal shooting) Gong Hua photography

in the normal production process, almost every paper diaper manufacturer will have defective products. How to dispose of these defective products, destroy them or dispose of them at a low price is a duel of interests and conscience for producers and sellers

recently, some readers reported to our newspaper that many manufacturers in Changsha have quietly sold defective products at low prices, so that there is even a special market for defective diapers and diapers in the market. For many newborns, there is a huge hidden danger of safety

in recent days, according to the clues provided by the informants, we have visited and investigated many manufacturers and dealers of paper diapers, revealing the gray corner of the defective infant paper diaper market


manufacturers pack and sell defective diapers

Hunan Sanyou Paper Co., Ltd., located in Lidi Township, Yuhua District, is a well-known diaper manufacturer in the province and one of the companies mentioned by the informant. On March 12, he came to this company in the name of wholesaler. Xiao Ding, the salesperson, recommended several diapers of the happy series. The price of each piece was about 1 yuan

in order to verify what the informant said, he tentatively asked Xiaoding if he had any cheaper diapers

you mean substandard products. Substandard products do not go through our sales system. The company sold them to others by packaging. There is a Sanyou supermarket at the gate of our company, which specializes in selling this

the substandard products in xiaodingkou are the products with incomplete quality and quality problems that have been eliminated

it is seen in the sorting area of the production workshop of Hunan Sanyou paper company that unqualified products will be sorted into a large plastic bag. The most common problem with substandard products is the appearance of plastic joints. A person in charge of the production workshop told us that the three production lines could pick out more than 6000 pieces a day

putting on authentic packaging triggered squatting and panic buying

according to the guidance of salesperson Xiaoding, at 2:00 p.m. on the 12th, in front of the gate of Hunan Sanyou paper company, Sanyou supermarket, which specializes in inferior diapers, was found

the supermarket has not yet opened, but there are already more than ten people waiting in front of the door. Among the waiting crowd, there are vendors waiting in front of the supermarket in order to rush to buy substandard products

a woman in her 30s told me that the price of (problem diapers) here is half cheaper than that outside, which is very affordable. According to its disclosure, children occasionally have skin allergy when using this kind of diaper, and this kind of diaper is still very easy to sell

more than ten minutes later, a middle-aged woman opened the rolling gate of Sanyou supermarket, and the crowd swarmed in. How much is a large one Do you have any small ones in stock? The noisy inquiry immediately surrounded the salesperson

the diapers in the store are all problem products selected from the production line and priced by size. The big one costs 14 yuan and the small one costs 12 yuan. On average, the big piece costs 50 cents, and the small piece costs 34 cents

yusulan, head of the supermarket, said that the price was less than half of that of genuine goods. All the substandard products of Sanyou paper are sold in our supermarket. On average, more than ten pieces are shipped a day, with fourorfive pieces for each piece. They sell very well

it was found that the outer packaging of the products sold in Sanyou supermarket did not contain any information related to Sanyou paper, but the words "genuine" were printed on the packaging bags of some substandard products

the salesperson said frankly that the company must get rid of these defective products. We don't care if these defective products are sold. There is no guarantee of quality and no after-sales service. As for the printed bags, they are required by the customers to sell them easily. In fact, they are still inferior

[hidden rules]

manufacturers are afraid of smashing signboards and do not care about after-sales sales.

in the interview, it was also found that the diaper manufacturers sold these substandard diapers with quality problems to the market, which has almost become the hidden rule of the industry

Hunan Zhanhui Industrial Company, located in Kaifu District, Changsha City, specializes in the production of infant products. Its genius Xiaobei series diapers are sold in many mother and baby chain stores in Changsha. However, such an enterprise is also selling substandard diapers with quality problems

in the mouth of the salesperson of Hunan Zhanhui Industrial Company, the name of substandard products has been changed to second-class products. Ten to twenty pieces a day, 15 bags each. The ex factory price is more than 100 yuan a piece, converted into each piece, about 20 cents a piece

then, what does the second-class diapers of Hunan Zhanhui company look like

in the production workshop of this company, we can see that the second-class products are packed in a white transparent bag without any marks on the appearance. The bags are filled with defective products. The production workers pick them out one by one. This is the second-class product. Generally, there is a problem with the absorbent paper. The particles inside are uneven. Introduction to the staff of Hunan Zhanhui company. For these second-class diapers, the attitude of the salesperson of Hunan Zhanhui company is: we will not care if we sell these second-class diapers

the salesperson said that although they are not refunded or exchanged, the company has never worried about the sales of these second-class products with the advantage of low prices. Second class diapers with quality problems are more popular than genuine ones

the same situation also happened to Hunan Sophie sanitary products Co., Ltd. We will be responsible for the quality of genuine products, but we don't care about the sale of substandard products. Because substandard products are processed goods, we do not provide external packaging or trademarks. Usually, special personnel are assigned to purchase them. A person in charge of Hunan Sophie sanitary products company surnamed Chen said that every manufacturer has substandard products and will quietly dispose of them at a low price. The reason why the company does not provide trademarks for these substandard products is mainly to protect itself and prevent disputes caused by quality problems from smashing its own signboard


defective paper diapers are easy to cause children's red buttocks

on March 13, after purchasing several pieces of substandard samples from Hunan Sanyou Paper Co., Ltd., they went to Changsha Central Hospital and asked the maternal and child health care doctor to check whether these substandard products may cause harm to newborn children

the plastic joint is not made of cotton. It can only isolate urine and cannot absorb harmful substances in urine. If you directly contact your baby's skin, you may have skin infection, urinary system infection, anal leakage, skin rash and other diseases. The most common manifestation is red buttocks. Li Minghua, a maternal and child health care doctor, said that she had treated many newborns with the above symptoms due to the use of problematic diapers

surprise visit: hundreds of thousands of defective products are piled up in the warehouse

quality supervision, industry and commerce are jointly investigated and dealt with, and carpet cleaning will be carried out

Sanxiang Huasheng all media Gonghua


paper diapers with qualified appearance should be clean, tidy, free of odor, no damage or stain on the surface, and no tear marks on the adhesive tape


surface layer

the paper urine one-sided layer (the side next to the baby's butt) is a layer of water absorbent non-woven fabric. Good paper diapers have good materials, white and soft



the water absorption of paper diapers mainly depends on polymer resin (SAP). This raw material is very expensive. If the amount of inferior paper diapers is insufficient, cotton cores will be added to make up for it. Therefore, fake products are thicker and heavier than genuine products

■ drawing/yehailin

defective products with obvious quality problems are openly marked as authentic. The problematic diapers and diapers that have been banned from leaving the factory by the industrial and commercial and quality supervision departments still enter the market circulation in large quantities. What is the interest chain behind the strange appearance? In order to find out these problems, we continued to investigate the flow direction of the problem diapers

[unannounced interview]

a big seller takes delivery of goods and tows them.

according to Yu Wei, a salesperson of Sanyou supermarket, among the many customers of the supermarket, a man surnamed ye in Ningxiang is a big seller. He took the goods one car at a time. He pulled one car before the new year and another after the new year. Sometimes the goods are not enough, and we have to order them for him

in order to persuade them to become distributors, the salesperson even talked about the money making model of boss Ye

after receiving the goods from us, they will be distributed to the following Township stores. The mode of credit sale is adopted, i.e. selling first and then settling accounts. Each package earned twoorthree yuan. At the beginning, I took 10 pieces a month. Later, I could take 100 pieces at once. The business was soon started. The salesperson revealed that Sanyou supermarket also adopted this model in the early stage. It took cars of substandard products to go to the market everywhere, and slowly opened up the situation in the market before it became a dealer in product marketing in Changde, Shaoyang, Yiyang, Yueyang and other places

hundreds of thousands of pieces of inferior goods were piled up in the warehouse

. At the door of the store, a huge signboard for direct selling by manufacturers is particularly eye-catching

boss Ye is not at home when he goes out to deliver goods. His parents take care of the store. On one side of the store, there are all kinds of simple packaged diapers and diapers, some of which are even in bulk without any sealed packaging. The old Chinese in the shop is amazing. Fifty or sixty cents a piece. To deliver goods, you must buy 100 pieces at a time. It is estimated that the R & D, production and utilization of about threeorfour biodegradable plastics for a diaper are of great significance to the sustainable development of the plastic industry, and 100 diapers are threeorfour thousand pieces

when he saw the incredible look on his face, the old man immediately decided to lead him to the warehouse on the second floor to see the goods. On the second floor, thousands and hundreds of thousands of inferior diapers and diapers with quality problems were found piled up in the whole room. These diapers and diapers are all in bulk, printed with words such as economical, authentic and preferential, without the name, address and production license number of the manufacturer

at the scene, we learned that besides Hunan Sanyou Paper Co., Ltd., there are many other Hunan diaper manufacturers who supply inferior diapers to the boss surnamed Ye

look at these. There are more than 2000 pieces here. Plus, there are almost 4000 pieces in our store. You can have as much as you want. The old man said with great pride that he was the largest of the seven or eight dealers of substandard diapers in Ningxiang County


mainly sold to township markets and hospitals

as long as you believe that we have so many problematic diapers, where will they eventually go

it is mainly sold to various township markets, infant shops and hospitals. An old man named ye, the boss of Ningxiang County who specializes in selling problematic diapers, said that in order to increase sales, they will earn popularity in retail stores in a small amount, but the main sales channel is to increase sales through the development of stores, which will seriously affect the measurement results of equipment

in many districts of Ningxiang County, there are psoriasis advertisements for wholesale diapers

Jamie's mother and baby wholesale store, located at the gate of Ningxiang maternal and child health hospital, also has such inferior diapers and diapers on the shelves

in the store, a diaper printed with Manai trademark was found. It was marked that it was produced by Hunan Sophie sanitary products Co., Ltd. and the price was 50 cents a piece

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